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RedXiii 27-01-2008 01:47 AM

Haurko66's Application
1- Do you understand and agree to follow the Rules of Phoenix Rising? - Yes
2- What is your KoC name? - Haruko66
3- What is your Stats Link? (NOT recruit link) -
4- What other alliances are you a member of? - none
5- Who is your commander? - Keneva
6- Are you currently involved in conflict with PR, any PR member or PR ally? - No
7- How long have you been playing the game? - 3 years
8- What interests you about joining Phoenix Rising? - I've not in been an alliance as good as this one before
9- How did you hear about our alliance? - Saw it in the alliance page, at the top
10- Are you in the Phoenix Rising command chain? (if this is a no answer you do not qualify to be a member and need join the chain first)- Yes

Bagmanee 27-01-2008 03:00 AM

Hi there,

To become a Phoenix Rising member we need to receive confirmation of your KoC name. This consists of sending the SITF (Step Into The Flames) mods a private message on KoC.

Please send a PM to all of the following mods:

1. magiaaron's link:
2. Bagman's link:
3. smory's link:

Also when sending the message please include the link below, so we can process your application faster:

* /forums/showthread.php?t= 44850 (no spaces PLEASE)

Please allow a day for permissions to be set up after you send your confirmation.

Bagmanee 27-01-2008 03:21 AM

PM received ;)


Haruko66 Membership 14 minutes ago
Confirming that I am Haruko66

emike55 27-01-2008 05:30 PM

Welcome to Phoenix Rising!

Wildfire (ClickWh0re)
  1. No registration required and the program will guide you through all necessary steps. It is a credit system.
  2. Site:
  3. Download:

To use the Nameless (Darkhorse) recruiter
  1. Is a good recruiter for earning credits, receiving payback, and is also still in-chain so benefits PR.
  2. Register here:
  3. Follow the instructions provided.
  4. Download the recruiter program here:

To get set in the DDL clicker (Dooms Day Light)
  1. Is a credit recruiter, does not benefit PR much. We recommend using the other methods above before resorting to this one.
  2. Download the clicker here:
  3. Follow the instructions given on the website

To get access on IRC

Please follow the excellent instructions in this thread:

Once you can get to IRC and have registered your nickname there, please ask an admin in #phoenix (users with the symbol % - @ - ~) to set you up on the lists for PRs private channels

To use our member search tools

On the forums:
  1. Click on the "Member's List" link in the blue toolbar at the top of the page, an alphabetical list will open
  2. Click on the "Find Member" and type user koc name for results

  1. Go to this post to download the latest version of IRIS:
  2. Be sure to use the exact forum name and your forum password when using IRIS

Forums Useful Links

For questions and advices on gameplay check:
  1. Tips and Hints
  2. Admin Assistance
  3. Click Tools

Have fun :)

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