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Jclethal 22-11-2007 05:44 AM

Assassins Creed
Anyone play this game, if so say what you thought about it. Personally i liked it and cant wait for the sequels.

blackness 22-11-2007 06:33 AM

I have seen it but have been wondering if its worth buying. What about it do you like I mean graphics game play or what?

maroukai 22-11-2007 01:24 PM

Well I have it but have not played it yet. I did see a review last night in Xplay on G4 and it got 5 out of 5 stars. I think it might be worth getting it.

Banished Angel 22-11-2007 02:58 PM

This is a review Tim Buckley wrote:

" Assassin's Creed. Seems like they should have called it Repetition Creed. It's a fun game, and enjoyable, but at the same time it seems really sloppy when you do the exact same thing for every mission.

A) Arrive at city of choice.
B) Gain access by blending in with a conveniently placed group of scholars, who stand in one spot until a stranger decides to mingle with them. Despite the outstanding climbing system in the game, you can't breach a city by climbing over its walls, just through the door above the guards.
C) Once inside the city carry out the exact same tasks, in a quantity left to your choosing.

1. Sit on a bench and eavesdrop a conversation. Because these people always discuss their private business in crowded places, and right near benches.
2. Pickpocket a guy who has a map, or who, for some reason, has decided to write down on a piece of paper all of the known weaknesses of your target.
3. Find a fanboy of your target (the guys preaching to an audience about how great the guy is), then punch him three times until he tells you everything.

Additionally you can find someone from your Assassin brotherhood who either fucked up and needs you to kill someone in exchange for information, or who fucked up and lost some flags which you need to collect for information. Also, he lost these flags while running all over the rooftops, and didn't bother to stop once he realized his backpack had a giant fucking hole in it or something. "Oops, lost another one. Damn, there goes another one. Sonuva... I've lost all my flags. I'll wait here and ask for someone to pick them up for me."

If you feel like a good Samaritan, you can save all of the citizens being harasses by guards, all of whom are apparently thieves, and are about to die for it, but never get killed no matter how long you sit there and watch them get beaten, or how many times the guards say they're going to kill them. Then once you save them they will either "Go home and hide" or "Tell their sons of your heroism". If they're a woman, they let you know "They were just about to be made off with". And I'm paraphrasing, but the dialogue is word-for-word the same every time.

Then you finally get to go after your target, which ends up being the only variable in each mission. Currently I'm not quite sure what I benefit from seeking out all investigations as opposed to just doing the minimum number and then killing my target. It doesn't seem like any of this information really changes the fact that I'm just going to walk up behind the guy and kill him in front of a hundred people anyway. And then have a ten-minute conversation with him as he lay dying, while his guards must be standing there waiting for us to stop chatting.

It just seems like there was so much more potential here that wasn't used. I mean, instead of five methods of collecting information (pickpocket, flag collecting, brute force, eavesdropping or murder) and using them for every single mission, they should have made, say, ten methods and then mixed them up for each mission.

Like what about breaking into someone's house to steal information? Or eavesdropping from directly overhead, atop a building. Or dangling someone off a rooftop until they gave you the information you wanted.

I hope that they maybe flesh it out a little bit in Assassin's Creed 2, because what else there is to the game is outstanding. And even all of this stuff is really great, you just have to do it over and over and over."

maroukai 22-11-2007 06:30 PM

Well I do agree with some of the interview facts but isn't every game like this? GTA has the same kind of stuff it's just a different game.

KibaInuzuka 23-11-2007 10:02 AM

both gta's for the psp are worth getting idk what any review says those are A+ games.

Jclethal 24-11-2007 10:11 AM

The thing i like about it most is probably the enviroment. It seems like a GTA set in the Medieval times and i really liked the story line, At the end of the game it keeps you guessing about what will happen in the sequel(i wont mention any of my theories, i dont want to spoil it for anyone who is planning on playing it).

Intrinsic 27-11-2007 03:15 PM

My roommates and I just got our 360 back last night and bought the game. I've played the least but watched two of them play a lot. The graphics aren't amazing, but they aren't too shabby either. The game play does seem a bit repetitious, but once you play this game you'll soon realize that no matter how many times you swan dive from a view point, the leap of faith is purely amazing. Counter attacking moves and the killing blow scenes they show as results...genius.

The best aspect of the game for me so far is the interactable objects. Aside from just straight flat walls and the such, literally everything is usable. Not only objects, but humans too.

The worst aspect of the game is the cut scenes. Granted cut scenes are nice to watch and it's also pretty cool that you have the ability to walk a short distance during them. Even though it doesn't alter the game play it's just nice to be able to move from a spot while you listen to some guy ramble, not just stand there staring at his face. Some cut scenes I just don't want to watch though. Especially if it's a cut scene that I have to replay because I died.

All in all, it's an awesome game and I can't wait to finish it. With 3 other roommates who all have been dying to play it (2 of us have been following the games progression for two years.) I'd say it'll be awhile before I knock it out.

Honestly though, who makes a man who can stealthy kill; climb amazingly high buildings with barely any hand/foot holdings; and have the ability to vanish from his enemies...BUT CAN'T SWIM?? :)

Maul 29-12-2007 07:54 PM

Was good, no replay value. Coming out on DS in march. Should be interesting.

b1gb0ye 01-01-2008 10:51 PM

i played like the fist level it was pretty fun i wud buy it but i think there are better games

Lowerlife 22-01-2008 11:42 PM

Well as other people have mentioned this game got boring as soon as you finish the story line but the story line is so amazing and the graphics are awesome i would buy it if you have not just to see the story line and movies. A+

Rochaid 25-01-2008 06:46 PM

It's a great game. Im soon done with it on PS3. But I agree with Intrinsic, a little strange that he can't swim. The climbing is cool, and also the diving into haystacks. I get a little adrenalin kick when I do that. And taking over 10 guards on at one time... can't get enough of it. I do that all the time, especially if I run into 7 men on patrol. And the groups of men that patrols in the Kingdom.
I haven't seen the graphics on their best, since im playing it on a non HD screen. That's kinda boring, but I survive.
Another kinda strange thing is that not only can you do that amazing wall climbing, but everyone else can do it to. I killed some guards once and then a civillian jumped straight up a wall. I can maybe understand it a little when the guards, trained soldiers as they are, do it, but a old lady? Hehe.
Having to see the cut scenes over again if you die gets really boring after a while. They could have done it the same way as with the cut scenes when you first get to a city. They show it once, and then you don't have to see it anymore.

The game is clearly worth having in your collection, that be to Xbox 360, PS3, PC or DS when it comes.

svax 25-01-2008 07:23 PM

i have it on ps3 and it rocks, played it out, and cant wait for the sequel, graphics are super! (especially on my 1080p projector :) )

FuryOfTheStorm 25-01-2008 08:18 PM

Assassins Creed hands down is one of the Best games of 07 for the 360, the enviroments and game play are amazing. Nothing is more satisfying than sneaking up on someone and shoving a 4inch piece of steel through their abdomen. It is repetative but the game isnt lacking in anything else. i give it a ten out of ten :)

RedXiii 27-01-2008 06:30 AM

I also have it on the PS3 I beat a while back, but I had fun sneaking around the rooftops and throwing a knife into a guard and having him fall off the roof into the crowds below. Causing mass panic in which I was able to sneak up to a guard and stealth kill, then move onto my next target! The ending of the game made me want to do that though. ---> :badpc:

PaladinSlayer 13-02-2008 01:31 AM

Ability to climb on nearly everything, and the graphics!! 9/10

jaketo 04-11-2008 03:48 PM

I've just finished AC on the PC (installed it months ago, got halfway, got bored of it, picked it up again recently, finsihed it :))

Very good fun at first, especially with all the free-form climbing and sneaking etc, but as previous posters have already said, it became very repetitive after a while, even with a long break halfway through and I doubt it has much replayability.

Next game! :)

idlewild_ 04-11-2008 04:29 PM

guess i'm in the minority here? got the game for my ps3, didn't particularly enjoy it. it gets pretty repetitive after the first few missions, was a chore to finish the game. graphics were pretty and the animations were solid, but framerate/texturing issues were annoying later in the game. overall, was a more fun game to watch someone play, than to play yourself :(

blackness 04-11-2008 05:03 PM

It got old quick! I mean how many times are people going to be talking about top secret stuff where you can sit on a bench and overhear it from almost 50 feet away? I mean come on! :). I think they could have put more work in the story of it since I mean everytime you want to sneak in to the area you can climb right above the guards and they never see you I mean wow get a bit more into it! :). But yeah graphics were okay but besides that the story needed ALOT of work to make it more realistic!

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