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Haurko66's Application

1- Do you understand and agree to follow the Rules of Phoenix Rising? - Yes
2- What is your KoC name? - Haruko66
3- What is your Stats Link? (NOT recruit link) -
4- What other alliances are you a member of? - none
5- Who is your commander? - Keneva
6- Are you currently involved in conflict with PR, any PR member or PR ally? - No
7- How long have you been playing the game? - 3 years
8- What interests you about joining Phoenix Rising? - I've not in been an alliance as good as this one before
9- How did you hear about our alliance? - Saw it in the alliance page, at the top
10- Are you in the Phoenix Rising command chain? (if this is a no answer you do not qualify to be a member and need join the chain first)- Yes