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It's a great game. Im soon done with it on PS3. But I agree with Intrinsic, a little strange that he can't swim. The climbing is cool, and also the diving into haystacks. I get a little adrenalin kick when I do that. And taking over 10 guards on at one time... can't get enough of it. I do that all the time, especially if I run into 7 men on patrol. And the groups of men that patrols in the Kingdom.
I haven't seen the graphics on their best, since im playing it on a non HD screen. That's kinda boring, but I survive.
Another kinda strange thing is that not only can you do that amazing wall climbing, but everyone else can do it to. I killed some guards once and then a civillian jumped straight up a wall. I can maybe understand it a little when the guards, trained soldiers as they are, do it, but a old lady? Hehe.
Having to see the cut scenes over again if you die gets really boring after a while. They could have done it the same way as with the cut scenes when you first get to a city. They show it once, and then you don't have to see it anymore.

The game is clearly worth having in your collection, that be to Xbox 360, PS3, PC or DS when it comes.
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