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Old 28-12-2018, 07:59 AM
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I swear to God he levitated

I've a friend who I've known since I was quite small. 1 day, when he was 6, I was at the home of his when he got green living absolutely god awful tummy pain. I mean, he was virtually writhing in pain. So, his mother took him to the doctor's office, the place where the physician took one look and told her to consider him to the ER. She dreaded a thing along the lines of an intestinal rupture. About half way to the hospital, the friend of mine suddenly let rip the loudest, most effective fart any of us had ever heard. I swear to God he levitated. We assumed the upholstery in the automobile seat had ripped. After a decent thirty seconds of intense farting, he were at his mother and said, "I experience all better now!"
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