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Rule 1

Any member that does not abide by the rules of KOC is subject to a possible suspension or ban. Phoenix Rising does not tolerate cheating.

These rules include:

Playing or logging into more than one account.
Hacking any KOC account
Using proxies and/or fake accounts to give anyone more officers or more clicks.
Using any automated program to do anything in the game. This includes but is not limited to auto-clickers, auto-buyers, auto-messengers, auto-attackers, and auto-gold finders.

Any member suspended or banned from KOC or caught doing any of the above shall be suspended from Phoenix Rising automatically pending a decision that shall take no more than 1 week

Rule 2

To avoid in-chain hitting please check the chain via the Stats Page or on the Battlefield. Currently we go under this idenity ( PR/NL ) . IRIS also will identify Allies and PR members by highlighting them. In chain attacks are allowed if the person has posted on the forums to that effect or a private arrangement is made between two members. There are two threads in Ignition (Discussion ) for this purpose :

In chain farm list

In chain farm vacation farm list

Unless specifically stated in those threads, you are NOT allowed to hit in chain members.

Rule 3

Do not ask anyone to attack or sabotage any Phoenix Rising member or Phoenix Rising ally. Further, do not aid any KOC member to farm, sab or recon any Phoenix Rising member or Phoenix Rising ally, unless given permission to do so by that individual.

Rule 4

Any in chain disputes should be resolved in the Embassy. Do not post in the Battlefield. Do not sab anyone in Chain. All rules regarding gold hits of alliances and in chain members are subject to each truce and agreement.

Rule 5

Any information read, distributed, posted or discussed on the forums or in any private Phoenix RisingIRC channel, including but not limited to #ignition, #detonation, and #pr-scripts shall not by any means be distributed to any individual that is not a current PR member.

Rule 6

Do not join or continue to have membership in any alliance listed as an Enemy of Phoenix Rising. Members are encouraged to visit their public irc channels but are forbidden from disclosing any information regarding Phoenix Rising or any of it's actions, past, present or planned.

Further, please use Phoenix Rising or any other allied clicker before using any recruiter managed by an enemy.

All allies, enemies and truces may be found here.

We encourage our members to join any alliances they fell comfortable in, however any activities that conflict with your duties as a Phoenix Rising member are not allowed.

Rule 7

Do not actively recruit any player in the Phoenix Rising chain be your officer. This rule is intended to prevent in chain disputes with members. It is not designed to discourage in-chain alliances, but solely to prevent fellow Phoenix Rising members from taking an officer from another.

Rule 8

We encourage each of our members to be cordial and friendly when resolving any dispute. Only Phoenix Rising leadership is permitted to threaten mass attacks.

Rule 9

Any and all requests for Phoenix Rising assistance, other than with allies, shall be at all times posted in the Battlefield. Further, any requests for assistance from Phoenix Risings Battlefield must be posted in the appropriate format.

Rule 10

Within the Phoenix Rising chat channels, we have many young players. Do not post gross indecencies, pornography, and foul swearing, and any web links that are or can be illegal. ( countries differ )

Rule 11

Do not post any non-approved targets in ANY Phoenix Rising channel, including #ignition and #detonation. While some members may be sabbing non-approved targets for various reasons, DO NOT post those sabs in #detonation. This rule is designed to prevent others in the PR channels from getting involved with your own personal business.

Rule 12

Phoenix Rising begins as a neutral alliance with all others, and we strive to maintain good relationships with others. This means, no sabotaging/chain sabotaging of other alliances that are neutral if there is no cause for the sabotaging i.e. sabbing purely for fun or to raise sab stats.

These are the policies that Phoenix Rising members and Allies should follow in dealing with the rules.

Attacks or Sabotage

When you are attacked by a PR member

As a PR member: post all the details (most importantly the Attack Log or Intel Log) in this forum . A Battlefield SAM Mod will moderate the dispute.

As a Allied member: Report the offense to your Ambassador. If your alliance does not have one get with the embassy mods to see about getting your alliance one. They will then post in the Embassy area of the forums, where the Embassy Mods and the Allied Rep will moderate the dispute.

When you are attacked by an allied member:

As a PR member: post all the details (most importantly the Attack Log or Intel Log) in this forum . A Embassy Mod with the help from that alliance's Ambassador will moderate the issue and assist in getting it worked out.


There will be no punishment for recon attempts. If a person gets out of line or recons allies for non-allied friends, then a warning will be issued. Any subsequent action will be handled on a case to case basis.



First Offense: 3 day protected suspension
Second Offense: 7 day unprotected suspension
Third Offense: 30 day unprotected suspension
Fourth Offense: Permanent Ban


First Offense: 7 day unprotected suspension
Second Offense: Permanent Ban

SAM Policies:

1) There will be a minimum eight hour “cool down” period. This is to ensure that everyone dealing in the moderation of the dispute has a level head, capable of making sound decisions.

2) The offending party will be given a grace period in which to respond to the charges of twenty four hours. If they have not responded in that time, they will be assumed guilty and punished accordingly.

3) The victim has the option to accept an offered apology from the offender, if it is the offender's first offense, thereby waving the offender's punishment. However, this offense will still be counted for the purpose of punishing repeat offenders.

4) The SAM Mods are -responsible for determining what happens in any individual situation, and reserve the right to close a thread due to inactivity or vauge acceptance of an apology or increase/decrease a punishment if they feel the circumstances warrant it.

5) Allies and punishments: There will now be set rules and set punishments across the board for all allies and members. Allies are expected to adhere to these rules and punishments just the same as PR is. There will be no favorites or negotiations. These are the rules: Play by them or get out.

6) Definitions:

Suspension: The offender will lose access to members areas on the forums, the private IRC channels, and Wildfire.

Protected Suspension: During the time the offender is suspended, they are not to be attacked or sabbed by allies or members for any reason.

Unprotected Suspension: During the time the offender is suspended, they are fair game for attacks or sabs, both for gold and in retaliation for their crimes.
  • Regarding attacks between PR members and PR chain only members (PRCOs)
    Above it states that you may not attack PRCO players. This works both ways, as we do not accept attacks from them on our members. If you can not get attacks to stop get a battlefield mod or embassy mods to assist you.

    Phoenix Rising's primary goal is to end disputes between alliance members and chain-only players peacefully. Continual attacks made between PR members and PRCO players that are not resolved may result in temporary suspensions or permanent bans from Phoenix Rising Forums, IRC or Wildfire/Clickwhore. Further action may also be used if necessary.

These ranks are by no means intended as separate alliances, but are simply meant to help distinguish those most involved with the alliance and make it easy for newer members to get in touch with someone that can help them. Each rank is encouraged to interact with the other ranks as well as their own rank. We feel that this setup introduces a unique element to alliance game play that is not possible with four separate clans tied together, nor in one large clan with poor distinction between new members, established members, and leaders. The ranks are as follows:
  1. Ignition:
    Ignition is the initial rank at which a new member of Phoenix Rising is placed.

  2. Ignition Nitro:
    Promotion to the rank of Ignition Nitro: Nitro members are selected by a committee. The committee votes on who is to become a nitro member based on KoC rank, forum activity, sabbing and IRC.

  3. Explosion:
    To be considered for Explosion you will need to be nominated from a Explosion member or Annihilation member and then there will be a thread discussing you in their areas and a poll if the majority feel you are ready to become a Explosion ranked Member. Showing dedication to the alliance is a must , by being active on our forums or IRC (or both), and taking an active interest in helping out the alliance as a whole. Game play knowledge and experince is also concidered since you will then become a leader in this alliance.

  4. Annihilation:
    Annihilation is the elite level of Phoenix Rising. Members who have reached Annihilation have shown pure dedication to Phoenix Rising, have generally accomplished high stats in Kings of Chaos, exhibit great leadership and teamwork skills, and constantly find ways to contribute something to the alliance. To become a Annihilation member you need to be voted in with a 100% vote from all other Annihilation members.
  • Honoured:
    Honoured members are former Explosion members that have retired from KOC but still want to be a part of PR by posting and giving their thoughts on threads. They are not members and as such do not vote on polls that are PR related. Nitro and Ignition members can get this status if there is a 80% plus vote by Explosion and Annihilation members to give said status.

  • Elder:
    Elders are just like Honoured members except they are former Annihilation members.

  • Ignition Squads
    Another unique element we feature in our alliance game play is the Ignition Squad. Ignition Squads are lead by an Explosion or Annihilation ranked member, and are intended to help you learn the tricks of the trade, and enable you to receive personalized support from your squad leader. Phoenix Rising members may join only one squad of their choice. Keep in mind there is a 30 member max per squad. The agendas for each squad are posted in the first post in each thread under the Ignition Squads forum.

    How to join PR
    While using these forums, please ue your KoC name as your username. If at any time the Koc account that you play changes, please update this in the UserCP section of the forum.

    Please also be aware that applications are not accepted in an automatic fashion. One of our team of applications moderators must first review your application and check that you are who you say you are. Please remain patient and polite throughout the application process.


    To become a Phoenix Rising member, you need to follow the following steps.
    1. PR members must be in-chain.

      This means that your account needs to be in the chain below the vengefuldeath87 account. Do not start an application if you fail this step.

    2. Posting an application:

      Start any new applications threads here.

      The TITLE of your new thread must include your KOC name

      In this thread you need to answer the following questions:

      Have you read and understand the Rules of Phoenix Rising? -
      What is your KoC name? -
      What is your Stats Link? (NOT recruit link) -
      What other alliances are you a member of? -
      Who is your commander? -
      Are you currently involved in conflict with PR, any PR member or PR ally? -
      How long have you been playing the game? -
      What interests you about joining Phoenix Rising? -
      How did you hear about our alliance? -
      Are you in the Phoenix Rising command chain? (if this is a no answer you do not qualify to be a member and need join the chain first)

    3. How to answer the questions with accuracy:

      Have you read and understand the Rules of Phoenix Rising? - Read rules here.

      What is your KoC name? - Go to Command Center in KoC. On the left you will find your user info where you can see your koc name.

      What is your Stats Link? (NOT recruit link) - Go to attack page and click in your name. Copy the link from that page. Example:

      What other alliances are you a member of? - If you have joined another alliance's forum and have access to their members-only areas, you need to point out their names.

      Who is your commander? - Go to Command Center in KoC. On the left you will find your user info where you can see your commander's name.

      Are you in the Phoenix Rising command chain? - If you aren't in-chain, you will not be approved as PR member.


    After posting your applications thread:

    When you post a new thread, please wait for a reply from someone assigned to your thread. A SITF moderator will post requesting that you send one of the SITF mods a PM via KoC to confirm that you are the owner of the account you claim you are. In the PM to the SITF mod, please include a link to your application. We will not be able to accept you if you do not comfirm your account! A list of the current SITF moderators may be found here.

    Recieving 'Ignition' status:

    When your confirmation is received, the application will be moved to either 'Waiting for Access' or 'Completed Applications'. Do not under any circumstances post in either of these sections as it will only delay your application.

    You do not become a member just by posting your application. You must be accepted and your forum status changed to 'Ignition'.

    Battlefield Format
    1. This forum is for attack and sabotage requests ONLY. If your thread does not follow the following format, it will most likely be ignored by the moderators and it will not be approved.

    Required Information:
    a. Your thread title MUST have the name of your aggressor/aggressors. Threads with titles such as "Help me" or "Mass sabbed" will be ignored by mods. Please remember to follow this important step.
    b. Attacker's stats link.
    c. Attack log details of their hits on you.
    d. Copies of all correspondence between you and the attacker.
    e. A brief description of the problem.

    Additional Information: (if you have it, but not neccesary)
    a. Recon report of the aggressor/aggressors
    b. Alliance membership of target
    c. Attack log details of any attacks you have made against them.

    Make sure you include ALL the above information. This includes all correspondence between you and your attacker(s). Thus, if someone is farming you and you politely message them to stop, SAVE your message for potential use in an attack request if their response back is unsatisfactory.

    2. If the matter is resolved, let us know so that the thread can be closed.

    3. Before posting in this forum, confirm that you are actually being 'farmed' or are the victim of a mass attack and have attempted to resolve the problem yourself unsuccessfully.

    Farming is no more than 1 a day and 3 a week.
    So a 2nd attack in 24 hours or 4 attacks in one week is farming.
    Probes are dealt with seperatly and not part of the farming definition.

    1st probe = send warning
    2nd probe = 11 sab attempts
    3rd probe = summit to Battlefield to get help from other members.


    1. DO NOT attack anyone posted about in these threads until all other avenues have been exhausted and the thread has received a go-ahead from one of the forum mods.

    2. Only battlefield moderators and Annihilation members may threaten, or approve a mass attack/sab.

    Stop Attacking Me Rules
    Every Member of PR is allowed to make a new thread on this forum, but only if you are attacked or sabotaged by a PR member.
    Recons are not concidered attacks and cause no damage so DO NOT POST them.

    If you are not sure if that person is a member use one of the tools provided to see if they are members.

    1. PR tester
    2. IRC check
    3. Search Member on forums

    Only the victim (attacked one), the attacker, a commander/alliance leader of the on of either parties, and mods or admins are allowed to post in SAM.
    If you are not one of those, don't post in the SAM section.

    Start a new thread for each attacker, and a new post for each message.

    In order to make this section run smoothly it is the attacked person responsibility to keep the mods and admins upto date on your thread by responding to questions asked in the thread. If the mods or admins request more information or need something explained in more depth that is what has to be done to ensure that the rules are enforced.

    Have your title your threads in the following format:

    Your KOC name - The Attacker's KOC name (month-day)

    1. Include a copy of your attack log showing the PR member's attack, and a copy of the message you sent to them.

    2. Message sent to the person that attacked or sabbed you.

    (It is your responsibility to message them saying you are a PR member. Since KoC does not allow for knowing when messages were sent, this forum is to post your messages, so we know what was said, and when it was said. This way, if there are future attacks, the appropriate action can be taken.)

    If your thread does not follow this format and have all the infomation requested then it will just slow this whole process down. Which is your fault not ours. So help us help you.

    As for the rules on what will happen to the attacker or the person that sabbed you these rules are in my signature. If the offender apologises in his message please state if you accept this apology, this is very important to us moderators and is the point where it is either suspension (not accepted) or solved (accepted).

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