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How do i get on wildfire?

How do i setup MIRC and gain access to the PR IRC rooms?

How do i gain a higher rank within PR?
  1. Ignition is the initial rank at which a new member of Phoenix Rising is placed. Any member returning to the alliance after an absence will be placed here, unless a 75% vote of Annihilation places them elsewhere.
  2. Promotion to the rank of Ignition: Nitro requires reasonable activity within the alliance and approval by the Nitro committee. Demotions from the rank of Nitro will all come from the Nitro Committee, whose responsibility it is to review the rank for activity and misconduct.
  3. To be considered for Explosion, you should generally meet these three requirements: Strike Rank and Defense Rank both within the top 500; be trusted by at least one member of Annihilation rank; and be liked by the majority of Explosion ranks. Showing dedication to the alliance is a must , by being active on our forums or IRC (or both), and taking an active interest in helping out the alliance as a whole.
  4. Annihilation is the elite level of Phoenix Rising. Members who have reached Annihilation have shown pure dedication to Phoenix Rising, have generally accomplished high stats in Kings of Chaos, exhibit great leadership and teamwork skills, and constantly find ways to contribute something to the alliance.
These four ranks are by no means intended as separate alliances, simply meant to help distinguish those most involved with the alliance and make it easy for newer members to get in touch with someone that can help them. Each rank is encouraged to interact with the other three ranks just as well as their own rank. We feel that this setup introduces a unique element to alliance game play that is not possible with four separate clans tied together, nor in one large clan with poor distinction between new members, established members, and leaders.

Who are our allies and enemies?

Reputation Points

Reputation in general

Reputation is a measure of how other members rate your posting. You can see your own exact Reputation power and number of Reputation points in your User CP. You can see the Reputation power of other users above their posts. An indication of the number of Reputation points this member has is also given, by a number of different coloured bars.

If you check your User CP, you might see different colours of bars standing in front of the reputation that has been given to you. These colours are either red, grey or green. Red is negative reputation, grey is neutral reputation and green is positive reputation.

Negative reputation:

Neutral reputation:

Positive reputation:

Handing out Reputation

At the top of every post you will see a pair of scales. Clicking this will open up the reputation box in a new window. In here you can select if you want to derep or rep the person for that post,. If you want to give someone negative reputation, click the circle saying "I disapprove", if you want to give someone positive reputation, click the circle saying, "I approve".
In the blank space you can leave a message, saying why you approve or disapprove of the post, and leave your name.
Clicking "Add to reputation" will close the window.

The scale you’ll be willing to click looks like this:

Here is an image of a reputation box:

You can only give 10 people reputation in one day, and you have to rep 20 different people before you can rep someone again.

Reputation Power

Reputation power is the power a user has to give someone else reputation. It is measured in numbers, ranging from 0 to theoritically infinite. A member that has 0 reputation power, can give another member 0 reputation for a post. A member that has 1 reputation power, can give another member 1 reputation for a post. It goes on like this, right to the end.
If you want to give someone negative reputation, that is also possible. Instead of adding your reputation power in reputation to the member's total reputation, you substract half your reputation power in reputation from the member's total reputation.

Member A: 100 Reputation, 3 Reputation power
Member B: 200 Reputation, 5 Reputation power

Member B posts somewhere, and member A decides to give a rep to member B.

If member A chooses to rep him, he will give (3 Reputation power) 3 reputation points to member B. Member B then has 203 reputation points.
If member A chooses to derep him, he will take (3 Reputation power : 2) 1,5 reputation points from member B. This number is rounded down, so member B will then have 199 reputation points.

A new member always starts with 0 reputation power. There are several ways to get more reputation power. The most obvious is to get more reputation points. For every 100 reputation points a member has, he gets one reputation power.
A new member also gets one reputation power at the point he has posted 50 posts. This is only once, and it won’t go away – everyone who has posted more than 50 posts has at least one reputation power.
You can however get more reputation power by posting more. For every 1000 posts you make, you get one reputation power extra.
The last way to get more reputation power, is by being a member for a certain amount of time. From the first day you registered your account, you get one reputation power for each 100 days you stay a member.

A member has been registered for an entire year, has made 2456 posts and has 798 reputation points.
One entire year is 365 days.
365 : 100 = 3 Reputation power
2456 : 1000 = 2 Reputation power
798 : 100 = 7 Reputation power
Member also has more than 50 posts, so gets one bonus Reputation power.
3 + 2 + 7 + 1 = 13
This member would have 13 Reputation power.

To check your own reputation power, click User CP. Then look for something like this at the right:

Reputation points

Reputation points is what it’s all about. It shows you how much you are respected, and how good your posts are. The only way to get more Reputation points is by having other members give reputation to your posts. Reputation can also go negative. You start with 10 reputation points, and one dark green box to show this. If you get more reputation, you also get more boxes, and different colour boxes.These boxes show up at the top of each of your posts, boasting your reputation.

A small list of the number of reputation points needed for a box:
Dark Green box:
20 Reputation points per box.
Light Green box:
40 Reputation points per box.
Yellow box:
80 Reputation points per box.
Orange box:
160 Reputation points per box.

You always get one box as a starter. So if you would normally have 4 Dark green boxes, you have 5. If you would have 5 Dark green and 5 Light green boxes, you would have that plus one Yellow box.

Two examples:

Member A: 110 Reputation points.
This member would have:
110 – (5 * 20) = 10
5 Dark green boxes, and one Light green box.

Member B: 1459 Reputation points
This member would have:
1459 – (5*20) = 1359
1359 – (5*40) = 1159
1159 – (5*80) = 759
759 – (4*160) = 119
5 Dark green boxes, 5 Light green boxes, 5 Yellow boxes and 4 Orange boxes.

Thanks to Kindred for writing this.

How does the warning system work?
Warning system

We have implemented an official warning system here on the forums. While it is something we hope that we won't have to use very often, sometimes our members get carried away and break some of the rules of the forums.

Follow our forum rules, read the "read before posting here" stickies in every section, and you will probably never hear the word "warning" again.

The system is based on points.

The types of warnings you may receive are shown here:

Most warnings are worth one, possibly two points depending on the severity of the rule-breaking. Possible reasons for warnings include flaming, spamming, and particularly posting in SAM when you are not supposed to.

If you are warned for an inappropriate post, then you will receive a private message on the forums telling you which post was warned and the reason that was given.
For the majority of warnings, points are removed from your account 25 days after the warning was given. However, if at any time you have ten points on your account, you will be suspended from PR for seven days.

Only the person who received the warning and the moderators are able to see who has been warned.

Activity Meter, What does it all mean?


Each member's activity is recorded on the forums. This will explain the details of this activity.

First of all, how to find your activity. There is only one way to do so. Every time you post, your activity gets posted with the post. If you've never posted, your activity will be 0%, so that's no problem. If you want to find your activity, find a post of your own, then look at the bar above your post with the word Activity above it. If you hoover over it with your mouse, it says what your activity is. Activity is public, anyone can see your activity (if you posted somewhere), and you can check anyone's activity.

Your activity can go anywhere from 0% to 100%. You can check it in the way written above, but you can also get a quick indication of someone's activity. The bar that has Activity written above it, is filled with small stripes, the number and colour of these stripes depend on your activity. First of all you will have 4 green stripes, each indicating an activity of 5%. The number of stripes is rounded up.
So, if a person has all four green stripes, he or she has at least 16% activity.

Second, you can see six yellow stripes. These also indicate an activity of 5%. If someone has all 6 yellow stripes, he will have an activity of at least 46% (the yellow stripes only show if the green ones already have been filled).

The light red stripes are next, there are 6 of them in total, and when all are filled a person has at least 76% activity. The dark red stripes last get you up to a whopping 100% activity. There are only four of these.

An example of a full and an empty activity meter:


Under the Activity meter there is another meter, for just today's activity:

This bar is filled with 4 smaller bars. The first bar turns green if you logged in this day. The last three bars turn yellow for each post you make this day, capped at three. If you hoover your mouse over the bar, you get a description of today's activity. The example given here is a full meter, if it's empty, it's all white. Today's activity is private, one can only see his own bar. The bars of the other members are shown, but are always empty, no matter what.


To get your activity up, you have to post and log in. The activity is measured over the last 4 weeks or 28 days. So a new member will always start at 0% activity as he hasn't done anything in the last 4 weeks.
Each day represents 1/28 x 100 = 3,6% of your activity. Basically, you can get 3,6% activity each day. To get this, a member has to post three times and log in on the same day. Logging in is done automatically if you want to post, so that's nothing to worry about.

To actually get 100% activity one would have to do the stated for 28 days in a row. Why in a row? Because the activity is measured over the last 28 days. This should explain it:

Let's calculate things from a new member.

The new member starts at 0% activity. The first 13 days, he logs in each day, and posts three posts each day. His activity rises to ( 3,6 x 13 = ) 47%. The fourteenth day this member is busy visiting his grandma, so he can't get online. His activity stays the same.

From the 15th to the 28th day, the new member again logs in every day, and posts three times each day. He now has completed a cycle of 28 days, and with 27 days of full activity his meter is at ( 3,6 x 27 = ) 97%.

However, to actually get to the 100% the member would have to post the next 14 days three times each day, and log in once each day. Why? Because it judges over the last 28 days.

Let's assume the member carries on being active until day 40. Now the last 28 days count. That's day 12 to day 40. Because the member has been inactive for one day on day 14, he still misses 3,6%.


Though the activity meter is mainly just for fun purposes and bragging, it actually does have a role in PR. To be more precise, it works as a requirement for promotion from Ignition to Ignition: Nitro.

There are three ways to get promoted:
  1. Get your forum activity above 70%

  2. Get your KoC rank in the top 1000 and your activity on the forums above 38%

  3. Get into the top 25 sabbers list.

As you can see, getting your activity up is a requirement for Nitro.

Written by Kindred with help from Lor20_RJ


What is IRIS?

IRIS - Integrated Reconssaince Information System

IRIS was written in April 2005 by Lor20_RJ. It was implemented to give PR members an advantage on the battlefield and to capture important statistics.

IRIS has lots of useful features, these are covered in more detail later in this faq. The main ones are:
  • Battlefield marking
  • Automatically updating farm list
  • Mercenary alarm
  • Farm alarm
  • Automatic sab tracker
  • Auto-fills non-captcha fields such as attack turns to use, spies to send, number of weapons to sab, thus speeding up attacks and sabs

Installing IRIS

The newest version of IRIS can be downloaded here.

Steps to install:
  1. Click the above link
  2. Choose the "save" option
  3. Choose a location to save the IRIS files to
  4. Extract the files by right clicking and choosing "extract files"
You can now use IRIS by clicking on the icon for it in the location you saved it in. Use your PR forum login to gain access to the IRIS main screen. These login details are for your use only, sharing with other players (members or non-members of PR), will result in the loss of these privileges and expulsion from PR.

Using IRIS

Battlefield Marking
This box gives the option to change the colour of players in Battlefield. All allies will be highlighted in "Hot Pink" and all potential farms in "Blue". It is advisable not to pick a colour for each that will clash with your race's colour. For example... if your race is humans, do not pick blue for either as they wont show up on Battlefield. Similarly, if you chose dwarves, do not pick red for either of these marking colours.

Farm Marking
Fill in your Total Fighting Force (TFF) and Strike Action (SA). Once these are completed, when you visit battlefield, players with a recorded DA less than your SA and a TFF lower than yours, will be highlighted in the colour chosen for Farm Marking. The box within this one, "automatically set this to my size/SA", is used to change your farm settings. If you wish to only attack people with X% of your army size so you get a better ratio of their gold when you attack, you can do so with this. A farm list of people with a recorded DA less than your SA and a TFF smaller than yours can be brought up by pressing F7.

Colour Coding
This allows you to change the Battlefield colour of players with more than X% of your TFF. In the screenshot below, you can see players with more than 75% of my TFF highlighted in "Slategray", allied players in "Hotpink", online players in yellow and possible farms in "Blue".

Attack Settings
This box allows the user to instuct IRIS to auto-fill fields on the attack page. This means all the user has to do is fill in the captcha and click attack. There's also an option which will cause IRIS to redirect you to your armory if the attack is successful. This is particularly useful when used with the Armory Settings box (more later).

Open a Browser for KoC
Just as it says, opens an Internet Explorer window and takes you to the Kings of Chaos homepage.

F6 - Request Player Stats (not working?)
F7 - Farm List - expands the farm list, showing a list of all players with a recorded DA less than yours and with less TFF
F8 - Recent News - expands the recent news section
F9 - Check Member Status - press F9 while on a player's stats page to see their member status

Login Status
This shows stats about IRIS usage, allies, farms and your account

News and Masses
Allows you to chose to allow popups to alert you when there is news or mass targets.

Armory Settings
Enabling this box instructs IRIS to fill in the field for your chosen weapon to buy the maximum you can afford then scroll to the bottom of the page to the captcha. This works very will in conjuction with the Attack Settings box. You must still fill in the captcha with this feature, not having to would violate KOC rules.

Sabotage Settings
This allows you to specify what sabotage fields on the attack page that IRIS will auto-fill for you. You can select the weapon you want to sabotage, the number you want to sabotage and the amount of spies you'd like to send. This means that all that's left for you to do each time the attack page loads is to fill in the captcha and press sabotage.

Farm Alert is used to notify you when another IRIS using player sees a player on the battlefield with an amount of gold that you've requested. By filling in the amount of gold you want to hit for (in thousands (1 million gold = 1000 thousand)) you tell IRIS when to give you a popup alerting you to the amount of gold the player has.
Merc Alert alerts you with a popup when another IRIS user sees mercenaries on the mercenary page.
Info Popup shows a popup each time you enter battlefield, your command center, your attack log, your armory, training or the mercenary page. It gives useful information and calculations on what is available and what you can afford. It also tells you if by selling X DA weapons and upgrading your fort, whether your DA will rise or fall, and by how much. On the Battlefield page it will tell you the player with the most gold you can see, and display how many allies on that page as well as the amount of possible farms.

FAQ and Troubleshooting

Please submit questions and problems here

How can i get IRIS to work with IE 7.0?
To solve this, turn Phishing Filter off as it slowed IE down to much. The Phishing Filter options can be found within the "Tools" menu. To read more about Phishing Filter please go here.

When I go to the attack page, it puts up the details like # of alliance members on it, who has the most gold, and possible farms. However, when I go to the next page, it doesn't post any new stats, and the stats from the original attack page stay posted.
IRIS can only make it's changes once Internet Explorer has stopped loading. But, sometimes IE wants to keep loading, even after it's done and so IRIS can't make it's changes. Pressing the escape key will stop IE loading and allow IRIS to do it's stuff!

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